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My gosh, it's April already!!!

I cannot belive how fast time passes by. I started on the journey of trying to add something different to the shop every month, but have to admit, sometimes a month passes by before I even manage to take notice of it. Especially this last month! Which was spent scouring the internet for rules and regulations on food production, labelling, hygiene requirements and multiple meetings with Hokensho (public health authorities). Oh my, to be honest, I've spent more hours on internet then in the kitchen.

But there are good news. Tomorrow we are submitting the application for a food business permit! Yay! Some of you might know this already, but we finaly managed to find a space where we can set up a little baking studio. Isn't that exciting?! It is sooooo exciting for us. I am putting most of the savings I made during my career in the asset management industry into this project. Exciting, but also a bit scary. I am going 'all in' so to say, with a firm belief that what our little bakery is trying to do makes sense. Makes sense not only to us, but also to our dear customers and friend who have supported us by putting orders in and by cheering us on. Heartfelt thank you to you all for that!

I am very excited about einkorn at the moment. Einkorn is one of the ancient grains, with a much nuttier and even a bit sweetish flavour. It has a weaker gluten structure, and therefore it doesn't rise as much as a regular white sourdough loaf. But the crumb is softer and creamier, which is also partly due to a higher amount of water in the dough, or what we call hydration percentage. Einkorn's gluten is said to be easier to digest than the regular bread wheat's. It has pleanty of nutrients. Imagine all that packed in a lovely almost buttery tasting golden crisp crust - that's einkorn for you.

But feel free to look it up. It is beginning to see quite a bit of a rejuvenated interest, after almost becoming extinct in 1960s or so.

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