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About BRØD

Updated: May 19, 2022

My name is Kristina Ganea and I started the micro bakery together with a friend on the same mission - to improve the quality of bread we were eating. We both grew up with wholesome and nutritious bread in Europe and we were missing it.

We started by calling our little project 'a bite of hygge' which literally means a bite of “cosiness”, inspired by the Danish hygge concept. We were trying to connect to that warm and fuzzy feeling, which is brought forward when sharing good things with people you care about or when memories you’re fond of vividly flow back into your mind.

A Bite of Hygge represented the results of 2 years of searching and experimenting in the kitchen. The experimenting has grown and taken scale. Encouraged by my family and friends, not least by their feedback on the sweets and breads I’ve shared with them over the years, the micro bakery concept took shape.

But after a short period of time we did realize that no-one, literally no-one could either pronounce or remember A bite of hygge. So we needed to rethink both the name and the concept.

We wanted to stick to the wholesome, artisanal, old fashioned, natural way of making bread, so that it would be suitable for most regardless of diet preferences. We wanted to carry the Northern traditions into the baking process so we could get breads similar to ones we were missing so badly. We also wanted to make as little damage to our environment as possible and to avoid food waste. And all that should be packed into a minimalistic nordic style branding. We were both scratching our heads....

But thank god for good friends! One of them came to our resque. After numerous explanations, hours and hours of research and a number of not so good ideas he said. Why not keep it basic and simple, just as the bread you are making. Why not call it 'BRØD (Danish for bread)? And that is how BRØD Nordic sourdough and more was born.

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