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It is happening!

Despite Golden Week putting a slow mood on everything, we had some busy days. The most important tool for the bakery is now in place! We moved these beauties from a Heiwajima warehouse and into the baking studio without any professional assistance, just a couple of strong men. How lucky we are to have strong husbands and strong friends!

I was so much looking forward to testing the ovens during the holidays, but... I have to wait a little longer - the plugs installed in the bakery don't match the oven! Ahhhh...

It is long overdue for me to introduce my business partner and friend Miya. None of this would have been possible without her. She is the best partner I could dream of! And my lifeline to all things Japanese, especially the authorities.

We are also starting a collaboration with Simon of Oishimon Farm , who is providing the wonderfully fragrant organic rosemary for the May Monthly Special bread. We have more exciting projects together in the pipeline. This is a part of our goal to increase the use of local organic ingredients.

The whole grain einkorn sourdough bread was a success. Thank you so much for being adventurous and trying new flavors and new grains! The last Einkorn sourdough was gone last Friday. I am scouring the internet to find more supplies of organic einkorn flour as I am hoping to have it on offer again. I am not aware of commercial producers of organic einkorn in Japan, so if you see or hear anything please do share! We'd love to get to know local growers and suppliers that care.

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