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HIROO store opening hours:

WED - SUN 10-17 or until sold out

You can order online for shipping or pick up at the store. We can ship your orders TUE-FRI.

広尾店の営業時間 (売り切れ次第終了となります):

水-日 10:00~17:00


ご注文の商品は 火金 発送可能です。

Shipping and Delivery

All products can be shipped. 

We only ship for next day delivery.  Current shipping rates can be seen at check out. 

We have tested the shipping services numerous times and feel confident that the quality and freshness are not affected.

Breads - we recommend regular shipping to preserve quality and freshness. Refrigerated shipping makes breads go stale faster. Cakes and sweets - have to be shipped with refrigerated services (especially in the warmer months) which comes at additional charge. Please chose refrigerated shipping at check out.


PLEASE NOTE: if you chose shipping, your order will arrive the next day after the shipping date of your choice, or after 2 days if your order's destination is Hokkaido, Kyushu or Okinawa.


Should you have any questions or complaints, please do not hesitate to get in touch, so we can help you. Our aim is to have happy customers only!

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